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Leaps and Bounds and Slash All Around

Yes, Please!

This is my fanfic-specific lj identity. All original writing is at blue_lightning. At present, I've written slash fiction for Gundam Wing and Harry Potter.

This journal will likely not be updated in an open-commenting manner again. I am maintaining it as an archive for my fics, which you can find in the Memories section. If there are any new fics, the comments will be disabled - not because I don't appreciate and love hearing from readers, but because if I ever post fic again it won't be as a reintroduction to the HP community (which, quite frankly, has always overwhelmed me). If and when I post fic again here, it will because the desire to write on this world has become one too persistent to ignore. In that case, I will be writing solely for the joy of writing, and in that case I would ask you, the potential reader, to read for your own potential pleasure and no more.

Happy hunting, happy ficcing, and much love to you all. Thank you for the good times and the great smut!